Presidents Message

We Need Your Help!

Since 1995, the Loess Hills Preservation Society has been working to protect our world-famous Loess Hills. And, during that time, our all-volunteer organization, which consists of board members and general members, has accomplished many things. As you all know; we have: hosted countless educational events, work-days and programs; co-led the effort to create the Vincent Bluff urban prairie preserve in Council Bluffs; recognized the work of others through our annual recognition dinner; worked with municipalities, counties and state governments to enact laws that preserve the interests of private landowners while also adding much needed protection to sensitive areas in the Hills; dramatically reduced the use of the Loess Hills as a source for fill dirt; pioneered the idea of using an urban land trust to protect Hills; worked with other organizations in order to pool and combine resources; and on and on…

But, just like every other volunteer organization; in order for this important work to continue; your Society must be able to be able to recruit and count on a small core group of people. And, that’s what this article is all about.

Now is a great time for at least a few of our members to consider becoming more involved in the effort by donating a few hours every quarter to this great effort. Maybe you have a gift for finding speakers and making arrangements for programs? Possibly, you have a passion for relaxing by working in the Hills as you lead a workday once or twice a year? Maybe you would like to help organize an annual membership event in the spring or fall? Or, possibly, you could contribute an article to the Society’s quarterly newsletter?

My point is this. If this work is going to continue; we need your help. Of course, we do have an all-volunteer board consisting of seven talented people who are a blessing to our cause. However, we can’t on having these same seven people indefinitely. Like all organizations; after a while; some people decide to move on because they grow tired, because their interests change or whatever. So, in order for us to continue the important work; now would be a great time for a few others to step forward.

Please give this letter some thought. Your society definitely could use the help of a few more people. Please consider giving a few hours every quarter to your Society in order to support the effort to preserve the Loess Hills. If interested; please send a note to     or call (712) 388-9219.