About the Loess Hills Preservation Society

The Loess Hills Preservation Society works to protect the unique natural resources and landforms of the Loess Hills through education, land protection projects, sound land use planning and land acquisition. It is the mission of the Society to promote and utilize voluntary land protection methods and land acquisition to ensure that the Loess Hill’s resource integrity continues for generations.

The Society is dedicated to educating the public about the need to protect the Loess Hills. We provide a resource for those interested in conservation and we work cooperatively with local governments to encourage appropriate land use of the Loess Hills.

Yucca Logologosm

The yucca was chosen as primary symbol in the logo because it is easily identifiable to the Loess Hills of Western Iowa. The yucca also symbolizes strength, hardiness and durability, all qualities the Loess Hills Preservation Society has displayed since its inception. Although other logos give a stylized view of the hills, we chose to backdrop the yucca with a fuller picture of the hills to emphasize our mission to the landform as whole and to addressing issues of protection and land use in a comprehensive manner.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Loess Hills Preservation Society has always included education and raising awareness about the Loess Hills, and as a result we have seen a number of groups adopt names and logos that conjure a connection with the Loess Hills regardless of the mission of the group. To keep the Loess Hills Preservation Society organization and mission easily distinguishable from other organizations, a logo has been developed.